4 IN 2/4 OUT (20kw) 1000V DCDB


4 IN 2/4 OUT 1000V (20kw) DCDB


  • This Solar Combiner box takes 4 string of solar panels input and combines them to a 4 DC outputs to be connected to the inverter
  • High voltage fuse provided for the counterattack prevention of each PV input array
  • Solar DC 4 IN 2/4 OUT Combiner Box with Reverse and counterattack, overcurrent protection
  • Degree of protection of IP66 for meeting the need of outdoor installation
  • MC4 connectors for solar I/P ease of connection
  • SPD provides surge protection, overload protection and short circuit protection
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Technical Details

Product Details Item NOS
IP 66 Enclosure Ensto 1
OFL 1 Ensto 1
Terminal Block 6 Elemax 13
Terminal Block 6 Elemax 9
Short Link Elemax 8
End Plate Elemax 10
Fuse Elemax 2
Fuse Elemax 4
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Product Details Item NOS
Fuse Holder Linder 6
SPD Elpro 2
Cable Lugs Reputed 50
Glands PG 11 Giggo 2
Glands PG 9 Giggo 16
Cable Ultracab 1
Base Plate MS 2
Sticker 1
Packing Box 5 Ply 1


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