Rooftop Solutions

Rooftop Solutions

Due to Substantial growth in Electricity Demand in Metro / cities with limited electricity availability, roof top solution is boon to cater this deficiency and is effective solution for various commercial & industrial establishments.Our expertise will provide E2E solution for such projects. We will design, implement and maintain.

Rooftop Solutions

Key Features

  • Generate Power during and supply to grid and balanced energy is supplied depending on requirement.
  • The Grid Interactive Solar PV solution work on Net Metering basis.
  • Off-grid interactive systems ideally require a full load capacity battery power back-up system.
  • Clean and silent source of power

General Specifications

  • Will pay back the cost in 5 to 6 years
  • Life : 20 to 25 years
  • No air and noise pollution
  • No moving parts and zero maintenance except cleaning of SPV panel once in a while
  • Beneficiary to decide supplier on cost and quality competitive basis
  • A 100 kW capacity Roof Top System could save around 50,000 liters of diesel per year

Evaluation, Procurement & Commissioning (EPC)

Renewable Energy Systems
Renewable Energy Systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some are powered by solar panels; others by wind or water or a combination of these. Some are grid-connected; others are independent of utility power lines.

Which is right for you?
What is your primary reason for adding solar: saving money on electricity OR being independent of the utility company?


On-Grid systems

On-Grid systems are great for lowering your electrical bill, but require a connection to the utility company.


Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid systems allow you to live and work with electricity in areas where utility power is either unavailable or too expensive to bring in.

On-Grid systems with battery backup

On-Grid systems with battery backup

On-Grid systems with battery backup allow the best of both of the above, but are more expensive to start with.

We Designs complete home /commercial power Systems as per your need

  • For all areas of the country and at all price levels. Having used solar ourselves, both off-grid and On-Grid, we know you will be happiest with your renewable energy system if it is sized exactly to your needs.
  • Most of our customers need help sizing and designing their systems and we are happy to do this.
  • We have easy Energy calculators for estimating system size for Off–Grid or On-Grid systems.

Design Team


Sunyukt Electrosolar includes packaged services throughout the entire solar power plant lifecycle from project development, design and engineering, project financing and investment, system components procurement, balance of system optimization and project construction management through operations and maintenance.

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Commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed PV systems. The process ensures that systems are safe and performing as per their specifications.    The commissioning process is typically applied to entire buildings. To set a framework for PV commissioning, it is useful to examine the total building commissioning process.

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